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Tremendous Seasons

Grave apologies if this is off-topic or not allowed. Crossposted everydamnwhere.

I am interested in trying out a particular brand of discussion/conversation between two people. Anyone who's read Kerouac's On The Road and remembers Neal/Dean's and Allen/Carlo's "tremendous seasons" knows what I mean.

Basically, "tremendous seasons" (for I know no other term for them) are marathon discussions, tangents allowed, in which two people speak whatever is on their minds, constantly exchanging and modifying ideas.

For example--say we started talking about Russia. You mention Stalin; we talk on that for awhile. Stalin leads to Marx, which leads to The Communist Manifesto, which leads to political books in general, which leads to quotes from those books, etc.

That's not to say that each topic wouldn't be discussed at length. A topic could go as long as necessary, or be only a bridge to another topic. Cassady and Ginsberg typically got hopped up on benzedrine before attempting these "tremendous seasons," and would stay up all night yammering away. I don't necessarily think drugs or loss of sleep are necessary.

When/if I receive a reply, we can figure out a way to do this on LJ. What I'm thinking is this--we could start a diary or community to which we could both post, and the rules for a post would be:

1. No deleting except to fix spelling errors. (I'd go without that, too, but I'm an English major.)
2. Allow your mind to wander.
3. Speak truthfully, honestly, and wholeheartedly about what's on your mind.
4. Intelligent conversation is preferred, though I'm sure randomness and inside jokes will eventually creep in.
5. In this case, long posts and rambling are not looked down upon--in fact, you might say they're encouraged.
6. Possible beginning topics: society/sociology, trivia, belief systems, the nature of the soul, catharsis, life-changing books.

Is this making any sense? If someone would like to join in, or help me come up with ideas, please do so. If this works tremendously well (nice pun, eh?), maybe an open community could be started, with multiple people engaged in myriad "tremendous seasons."

Looking forward to getting started...

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