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First Post

Wow. Looks like I get the first post. I have been thinking a lot about the faults of current society lately which sort of coincides with thoughts about "utopian" society. First off, to set the record, I don't think a utopian society necessarily should mean without worry or progression, nor do I think a a utopian society in the purest use of the word could exist outside of heaven (I am Christian). I have not yet read Walden Two though I have developed an interest in human behavior and Skinner's work. "On Freedom and Dignity" by Skinner is quite interesting so far. Before I can go any further, I should make a definition of what I mean by utopian society. I am quite tired right now though and I'm not sure anyone else even has an interest in this community, so before I go any further and define what I mean by utopia(n) I would like to know if anyone else is out there who is interested in communicating ideas on the subject. :)
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